Bromine In Swimming Pools

Bromine is like chlorine in the way that it will kill the bacteria and harmful chemicals, but bromine and chlorine react in different ways in swimming pool water. Bromine Is used more to sanitize spas and hot tubes because it will be more stable than chlorine would be in warmer temperature. There are advantages to using bromine is that bromine is very beneficial to people with sensitive skin. Even though bromine produces less of an odour than chlorine, it’s harder to wash away the chemical smell from your skin after bathing in a bromine pool.

You can get bromine in tablet form and it should be added to a pool water using a chemical feeder to dissolve the tablets.


There are differences between chlorine and bromine is that once the chlorine combines with the bacteria to kill it, most of the chlorine has been used up and will not work to sanitize. So, the combine chlorine is burned off with the bacteria by the stock treatment and then it filtered out of the pool. Bromine will combine with the bacteria in the pool water to help naturalize it in the same way that chlorine does, but a good part of the bromine will stay active even when it was combined with the bacteria.

Doing weakly shock treatments will burn off the bacteria and harmful chemicals, and then leave the bromine behind in the water to help sanitize the pool. So, the result is that the volume of bromine needed to sanitize the pool is less then the volume needed for chlorine to do a similar job.