Aquarium & Ponds Replacement Tablets ( Palintest Photometer)

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  1. Palintest Nitrite Photometer
    Product Code: AP 109-C Palintest Nitrite Photometer
    As low as £16.31 £13.59
  2. Palintest Ammonia Tablets
    Product Code: AP 152-C Palintest Ammonia Tablets
    As low as £35.45 £29.54
  3. Palintest Coppercol Photometer Tablets
    Product Code: AP 186-C Palintest Coppercol Photometer Tablets
    As low as £41.03 £34.19
  4. Palintest Iron LR Tablets
    Product Code: AP 155-C Palintest Iron LR Tablets
    As low as £28.18 £23.48
  5. Palintest Nitrate (Nitratest) Photometer Reagents
    Product Code: AP 163-C Palintest Nitrate (Nitratest) Photometer Reagents
    As low as £43.03 £35.86
  6. Palintest Aluminium Tablets
    Product Code: AP 166-C Palintest Aluminium Tablets
    As low as £26.47 £22.06
  7. Palintest Phosphate HR Photometer
    Product Code: AP 114-C Palintest Phosphate HR Photometer
    As low as £26.94 £22.45
  8. Palintest Calcicol Calcium Hardness Tablets
    Product Code: AP 252-C Palintest Calcicol Calcium Hardness Tablets
    As low as £26.06 £21.72
  9. Product Code: AK 114 Palintest Phosphate HR Comparator Reagents
    £61.87 £51.56
  10. Product Code: AP 262 Palintest Organophosphonate Photometer 250 Tablets
    £175.08 £145.90
  11. Product Code: 480009 FBM Nitrate/Nitrite Nitrogen, btl 50
    £15.25 £12.71

11 Items

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The tablets in this selection are based on the use of a Palintest 7100 Photometer.