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  1. Product Code: 486101-KP-K eXact® iDip® Pool Starter Kit
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  2. Product Code: 486101-PW-K eXact® iDip® Process Water Starter Kit
    £242.78 £202.32
  3. Product Code: 486101-WD-K eXact® iDip® Well Driller Starter Kit
    £251.05 £209.21
  4. Product Code: 486101-SB-K eXact® Smart Brew Starter Kit
    £251.05 £209.21
  5. Product Code: 486107-AQ-K eXact® iDip® 570 Aquarium Starter Kit
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  6. Product Code: 486101-TW-K eXact® iDip® Tap Water reagent Starter kit
    £262.42 £218.68
  7. Product Code: 486107-MA-K-Marine eXact® iDip® 570 Marine Starter Kit
    £274.82 £229.02
  8. Product Code: 486101-SB2-K eXact® Smart Brew Advanced Kit
    £337.85 £281.54

8 Items

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The eXact® iDip® provides complete wireless connectivity between the waterproof handheld and a smart device like the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch®, Android®. Data is seamlessly transferred between the two devices using Bluetooth® wireless technology that syncs and transmits test results in real time with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included.

  • This handy device delivers fast and accurate results in 4 easy steps: 1. Select test, 2. Fill cell with water sample, 3. Dip the reagent, 4. Read the result

  • Cost-effective & efficient because each test module can be downloaded via the app-store, which means that this photometer can be personalised depending on need

  • Great alternative to test strips giving more accurate results

  • Capable of testing water for more than 35 different elements - new tests are constantly developed and can easily be added to the device

  • Ideal for everyone, who wants/needs to keep a record of the results to prove validity of test results. The application stores the test results history & location of multiple water tests

  • With auto-calibration so there is no need to regularly calibrate the photometer

Suitable for: any water samples, including fresh water (including tap, spring, well, stream, rain), pools, swimming pools, ponds, aquariums