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  1. Product Code: ASAS300 Arsenometer® Arsenic Refill Pack Trace2O
    £504.00 £420.00
  2. Product Code: HMAS100 Arsenometer® Portable Arsenic Testing Kit Trace2O
    £2,334.16 £1,945.13
  3. Product Code: WT15-608 HMUV 1825 UV Digester Trace2O
    £2,945.26 £2,454.38
  4. Product Code: WT15-600 Portable Metalyser HM1000 Trace2O
    £6,420.65 £5,350.54
  5. Product Code: WT15-602 Portable Metalyser Deluxe HM2000 Trace2O
    £7,282.80 £6,069.00
  6. Product Code: WT15-604 Metalyser Field Pro HM3000 Trace2O
    £10,704.65 £8,920.54
  7. Product Code: WT15-606 Laboratory HM5100 Trace2O
    £25,200.00 £21,000.00

7 Items

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For full details of the Trace2O heavy metal range of test kits please click here to open a full pdf guide.