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  1. Palintest Sulphate 250 Tablets
    Product Code: AP 154 Palintest Sulphate 250 Tablets
    £33.74 £28.12
  2. Lovibond Sulphate Turbidity Tablets
    Product Code: 515451BT FBM Lovibond Sulphate Turbidity Tablets
    £34.20 £28.50
  3. Lovibond Sulphate No.2 Tablets
    Product Code: 515231 Lovibond Sulphate No.2 Tablets
    £36.84 £30.70
  4. Sulfate Photometer Tablets
    Product Code: HTSO Sulfate Photometer Tablets
    As low as £14.21 £11.84

4 Items

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We offer a range of Lovibond & Palintest Sulphate test tablets.

Please take care when selecting tablets to choose the correct ones for the method of testing you are undertaking. For further advice please ring 0115 8882726 or email: