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eXact® iDip® 570 Marine Starter Kit

Standard navy blue plastic carrying case w/ Foam.

1- eXact iDip 570nm Photometer

1 – Standard carrying case with foam compartments 

Kit includes:

1 Bottle 25 of each:

pH II,


Total Alkalinity,


Total Hardness HR,


SKU: 486107-MA-K-Marine

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Product Description


The iDip® 486107-MA-K 570 Marine Starter Kit comes with:

  • 4 tests pre-installed from the app-store, including pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine (Chloramines) and Total Alkalinity
  • test strips to test 25 water samples for Ammonia (486654), Total Alkalinity (486680), pH-BT (486657), Calcium, Magnesium (calculated), Total Hardness high range (486656), Nitrate (486655) & Phosphate (486814) (does not include in-app purchases)
  • This kit includes the new reagent called BT-pH, which has an extended range which is better for salt water

To carry out tests, you need:

  • to download & install each test from the app-store from £4.95 each (prices do vary depending on exchange rates). This is a one-off cost, once a test has been downloaded onto your smart device from the app-store it can be used indefinitely
  • Purchase the reagent/test strips for that test, for a complete range.

New tests are constantly developed - making this a testing device which can grow with your needs and requirements. It also makes it very efficient, as the user only pays for what they actually uses.

Data is seamlessly transferred between the two devices when paired with the eXact iDip® 570 photometer using Bluetooth® wireless technology that syncs and transmits test results in real time. The application stores the test results history of multiple water sources. Data can be shared via email and the built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water testing locations.


  • Innovative – Only handheld photometer to communicate with a smartphone
  • Customise – Only download the tests you want
  • Location – First handheld photometer system that’s GPS enabled - saving time when inputting data
  • Instant - documented results that can be e-mailed or exported via CSV file (spreadsheet)
  • Save - Results stored in app's history
  • Reliable - Time, Date & GPS location stamp results
  • Send & Share - instant results - share & email via CSV file (spreadsheet), Twitter and Facebook
  • Waterproof – IP-67 rated and it floats
  • Multi-lingual app in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Czech, Latvian and Chinese
  • With auto-calibration so there is no need to regularly calibrate the photometer
  • Simple - Test procedure requires only 4 simple steps:

The simple and quick 20-second testing procedure takes the guesswork out of results. It’s like having a laboratory in the palm of your hand.

The eXact iDip® 570 photometer is perfect for measuring the water quality for aquarium/aquatic life in salt water settings. Using the patented eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System®, the meter is the first and only to integrate 2–way wireless communication with a smartphone/tablet. The multilingual app is the brain of the system which allows limitless possibilities including lab accuracy, free upgrades, test parameter customisation, mobile sharing, and data organisation.

Compatible with: Apple iPad®, Apple iPad® Mini, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch®, Android®*

*Please contact for information on specific models or generations. 

iDip® photometer using Bluetooth® wireless technology that syncs and transmits test results in real time. The application stores the test results history of multiple water sources. Data can be shared via email and the built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water testing locations. Add notes and share instantly via email, .csv file (spreadsheet), Twitter and Facebook.

Each package contains:

  • eXact® iDip® handheld photometer
  • standard carrying case
  • Instruction Manual in English*
  • 4 tests pre-installed within the app including pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine (Chloramines) and Total Alkalinity. Further tests can be downloaded via the App-Store from £4.95 each (prices do vary depending on exchange rates)
  • 25 tests of each Ammonia (486654), Total Alkalinity (486641), pH-BT (486657), Calcium, Magnesium (calculated), Total Hardness high range (486656), Nitrate (486655) & Phosphate (486814) (does not include in-app purchases). Further reagents are available, please see table below.

*Each product comes with English instructions. Other languages are available on special request, this includes German, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Suitable for: water quality testing of salt water in aquariums and marine life (Please note, NOT suitable for cloudy water)

To test water from taps, wells private water supplies etc,  we recommend using eXact iDip.

Testing Range: between 1 and 0.01, please see table below

For a complete range of potential testing parameters please see the table below. Reagents for each parameter have to be purchased separately - details in the table below. Please contact us to find out more or ask for other reagents which may not yet be available online.

Automatic calculation of Mg2+ if you do Calcium Hardness and Total Hardness. Calculated Mg2+ range from 437-1425 ppm as Mg2+.

To obtain results for Magnesium Hardness (Mg):

  1. Complete tests for Calcium Hardness UH Marine and Total Hardness UH Marine.
  2. Press Results, values for Mg will be calculated automatically and displayed on the Results page of the app.

NOTE: Default units of measure for Calcium, Magnesium and Total Hardness are set to CaCO3 when you first download the app. If you prefer to have the results in Ca2+, Mg2+, DH or other values - please change the setting in your app. Go to Profile-> Preferred units of measure and choose for each parameter separately. If Magnesium Hardness is not showing in the list, do at least one test and hit results, so Magnesium Hardness is calculated. Then you can go into Profile and change the setting. Even if you enter Calcium and Total Hardness values in Manual entry, it will do the trick and you will be able to change preferred units.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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SKU 486107-MA-K-Marine
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Atmospheric Pressure Sensor No
Additional feature No
Ambient conditions No
Auto - OFF No
Range No
Range (Auto-range) No
Resolution and Accuracy No
Resolution No
Result Units No
Calibration No
Calibration Points No
Cell Constant No
Connectivity No
Conformity No
Electrode type No
Environmental conditions No
GPS Receiver No
Kitted with calibration standards No
Display No
Data Log No
Data Storage No
Housing No
HS Code No
User Interface No
Modes No
Measuring System No
Measurement cycle No
Memory capacity No
Number of Calibration Points No
Instrument Type No
Instrument weight No
Instrument Operating Temperature Range No
Interfaces No
IP Rating No
Keypad No
LCD Display No
ORP option No
Optics No
Optical System No
Operating Temperature No
Wavelengths No
Wavelength Accuracy No
Wavelength Tolerance No
Blank/Zero setting No
Filter Bandwidth No
Dimensions No
Storage No
Size (W x L x H), mm No
Size (W x L x H) excluding screen No
Weight (base unit) No
Weight No
Weight including heating block No
Photometric Accuracy No
Power Supply No
Power Requirements No
Power Consumption No
PC Interface No
pH range No
Temperature Range No
Test Cells No
Temperature Control No
Temperature Stability No
Temperature Settings No
Temperature Compensation No
Test Protocols No
TDS range No
TDS Factor No
Tubetests® Capacity/Diameter No
Test options No
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