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Wine & Brewing

 What Do You Need 

As more and more water is being piped across the UK, consistency of quality is paramount in all beverage manufacture. Whether that is in flavour, body or mouth feel in the final product or hygiene throughout your plant.

We supply a variety of water tests kits to assist you measure your source water.  We supply simple visual testing kits through to mulitparameter photometers used on larger commercial breweries.  

With our ranges of test kits you can know exactly what is in your water.  

Brewing Liquor

When we test water for brewing with the following analytes are measured:

pH Used as a measurement in alkalinity
Alkalinity (as CaCO3) Level of carbonate in your water (Hard Vs Soft)
Nitrate indicator of nitrates in your supply can lead to the promotion of Nitrosamines
Calcium The most important ion in brewing, essential for many processes in brewing
Chloride Body and sweetness in the final beer
Sulphate Texture and mouth feel in the final beer
Magnesium Trace element, useful during fermentation, laxative effect also if too high


To measure for Magnesium Hardness levels the simplest way would be to test for Total Hardness, Test for Calcium Hardness and then deduct the Calcium Hardness level from the Total Hardness which will leave you with the Magnesium Hardness value


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23 Item(s)

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