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Your Water Softener is Working

To test your water softener is working then the quickest way is to use a simple Yes / No test kit or tablets.

Simply place the tablets in to the water and the colour will change to indicate the softener is doing its job.

Yes/No Hardness Tablets

Many areas in the UK have a water supply that is naturally hard (water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium). Water hardness can lead to the build-up of calcium and magnesium (limescale) in pipes, radiators, cylinders, pumps and boilers and can significantly reduce efficiency. More visible signs of limescale around the house tend to be around taps and bathroom fittings and in kettles, washing machines and dishwashers.

These hardness tablets are a fast and effective method of determining water hardness. They can be used to determine initial water hardness or used regularly to ensure the continued effectiveness of an already fitted water softener.

Add tablets to a water sample; use 2 tablets in 50ml or 1 tablet in 10ml and shake to dissolve. The resulting colour change will indicate whether the water is hard or soft

GREEN indicates the water is soft.

RED indicates the water is hard and softener needs re-integration or attentions.

The colour change takes place at 20mg/l Hardness as CaCO² on a 10ml sample.

This test will not however tell you the level of calcium in your water, if you need to know the calcium levels then you are advised to purchase calcium hardness test kits and tablets.

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