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Digital Titration

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Product Name
DIGI Titrator

Stock Code

Test / Range 

Acidity 0.1-50 Acid Value
Alkalinity Total 10-2000mg/l
Chloride 50-2000mg/l
Chlorine 10-2000mg/l
EDTA 75-3000mg/l
Hardness 10-2000mg/l
Hardness Total 10-2000mg/l
Calcium Hardness 10-2000mg/l
Nitrite 20-2000mg/l
Peracetic 20-800mg/l
Phosphonate 2-50mg/l
Sulphite 10-100mg/l
Total Chelant 100-2800mg/l
Zinc 0.1-10mg/l

Fast and accurate, the DIGI Titrator uses a dedicated syringette assembly to deliver accurate doses of titrant to enable high accuracy titration tests using less that a millilitre of reagent per test. 

For use with the following Reagent Packs (not included). Each pack contains reagents and method sheet.

Pack Code Description Range Tests/Pack
56R010050 DIGI Acidity Titrator Pack 0.1-50 Acid Value 50
56R010150 DIGI Alkalinity (P, M, OH) Titrator Reagent Pack 10-2000 CaCO3 50
56R010250 DIGI Chloride Titrator Reagent Pack 50-2000Cl- 50
56R010350 DIGI Chlorine Bleach Titrator Pack 10-2000 Cl2 50
56R010450 DIGI EDTA (Free) Titrator Pack 75-3000 EDTA 50
56R010550 DIGI Hardness (Total/Calcium) Titrator Reagent Pack 10-2000 CaCO3 50
56R010650 DIGI Hardness (Total) Titrator Reagent Pack 10-2000 CaCO3 50
56R010750 DIGI Hardness (Calcium) Titrator Reagent Pack 10-2000 CaCO3 50
56R010850 DIGI Nitrite Titrator Reagent Pack 20-2000 NaNO2 50
56R010950 DIGI Peracetic Titrator Pack 20-800 PAA 50
56R011050 DIGI Phosphonate Titrator Reagent Pack 20-50mg/l H.E.D.P. 50
56R011150 DIGI Sulphite Titrator Reagent Pack 10-100mg/l Na2SO3 50
56R011250 DIGI Total Chelant Titrator Pack 100-2800 EDTA 50
56R011350 DIGI Zinc (Free Soluble) Titrator Reagent Pack 0.1-10mg/l Zn+2 50
56R011450 DIGI Zinc (Total Complexed) Titrator Pack 0.1-10mg/l Zn+2 50